At Pathway Lettings, we assist tenants into housing, long or short term, no matter what their situation. We do not request any tenant to pay a fee for our service.

What Property Can I Be Offered?


The size and type of accommodation is based on your family size and affordability. We aim to offer properties whose rental charge reflects the Local Housing Allowance. This is the amount of Housing Benefit that will be paid for a particular property size and individual family composition.


How Long Will I Be Able To Live At The Property?


The assured shorthold tenancy will initially run for six months. If the Landlord is happy with how you have conducted the tenancy, then this will be extended on a Periodic Tenancy. This will run on a month by month basis.

If the landlord gives you notice through no fault of your own, we will help you find alternative accommodation from our property portfolio if you wish.

Can I Afford It?


The properties that are available through our Social Lettings Agency have realistic rents. We will assess your finances to make sure you can afford the rental payments.

We can also refer you to Pembrokeshire Care Society’s Tenancy Support Team for assistance with grants and benefit applications, if a need is identified.

Tenant Costs

£50 Rent in Advance Prepayment

If a tenant wishes to proceed with a property, they will be requested to pay a Rent in Advance prepayment. (Refunded if landlord rejects application)

Other Costs

Your tenancy agreement refers to costs you may be responsible for. Pathway Lettings do not determine these costs as they will be set by external organisations/contractors and will be discussed on an individual basis if the need arises

Payment can be made by Bank Transfer or Cash at our office

For more information please speak to our Team

Pathway Lettings is currently NOT VAT registered

Tenant Client Charter

About this Charter of Expectations


This is a Client Charter of Expectations, which tells you what standard of service we aim to provide and clarify your part in that.


As part of our aim to continuously improve the services we provide, Pathway Lettings have undertaken the assessment process under the Advice Quality Standard. By undertaking this we hope to demonstrate our commitment to providing excellent customer service and it will help us to measure the customer service we deliver and identify areas for improvement.


Pathway Lettings will work with you to make sure you receive the best possible assistance to access safe, affordable and secure housing, and to then maintain that tenancy.


In delivering our services we will:

Treat you in a professional, courteous and caring manner and provide everyone with the same quality and level of service based on need, regardless of gender, religious, cultural, or linguistic background, sexual orientation, age, disability or family status

Respect your personal privacy and protect your confidentiality, except where we have a legal obligation to provide your information

Communicate clearly and effectively with you in plain language

Aim to make our services as accessible as possible

Advise you at the outset of the service to be provided, so that you know what to expect

Deal with your personal information securely and in accordance with Data Protection legislation

Deal with enquiries efficiently and quickly, and swiftly put things right if they should go wrong


As a client of Pathway Lettings, you have a responsibility to:

Be respectful of others, including staff, volunteers and other clients

Be respectful of the organisation’s property

Actively and positively contribute to resolving your own housing related difficulties

Participate in the service in a fit state (not under the influence of drugs or alcohol)

Maintain confidentiality regarding information about other clients or participants in groups or programmes

Provide accurate information about yourself in order to receive the best service. You have the right to use our service if it matches your need and what we are funded to provide.

Client Testimonials

They have looked after me extremely well since my first contact
Very good staff
Earl Goodridge
I very happy with all the help I have received
Great service thank you all
Helpful & friendly
You all made my move very easy
Excellent service quick and easy. Thank you! I thought I’d never get a new home close to xmas but you guys made it possible
Pathway lettings are fab. They helped me & my partner get a flat & support with bills etc. Wouldn't have been able to do it without them
Brilliant help to find me a my partner a new flat, Thanks to Alyson & Gabi. Loving it in our new place. Thanks again 🙂
It's been really easy and very efficient. I'm very grateful for all the assistance.
I would, like to thank you for being wonderful letting agents. Totally professional and flawless service. Please keep my information on file and I will certainly use Pathway Lettings in the near future. With best wishes
Pathway lettings are very supportive and extremely helpful. They get things sorted quite quickly and respond to messages within the hour or sometimes even sooner. I currently live in one of the living areas downstairs in the bedsit beneath them and I have had no problems with them at all. They fixed a few minor issues reletively quickly and were very helpful and supportive. Very kind people and im happy to be with them. I thank these people highly for allowing me one of their living spaces and highly recommend them to anyone who needs help to get a home thats comfortable and safe. They are very reliable and im very happy.