As a Social Lettings Agency we provide a lettings service to those who may not be able to access private rented sector accommodation without help. Whether it is through homelessness, low income or an immediate housing need.

Featured Services

Here are some of the latest, featured services that we offer

Introductory Service


Let Only Service



New Tenant Finder for Fully Managed Landlords


Full List of Services

At Pathway Lettings we strive to provide the best possible service at competitive rates no matter which option you choose.

Introductory Service


Let Only Service


Inventory Only Service

From £75* (£75 service fee + mileage at £0.44 per mile)

Property Inspection Service

From £75* (£75 service fee + mileage at £0.44 per mile)

Additional Property Inspection Service

(Fully Managed Landlords) - £30 unless Pathway Lettings decide it is necessary

Fully Managed Property Service

- See bottom of page for details -

New Tenant Finder

(Fully Managed Landlords) - £75

Arrangement of non routine maintenance

(Fully Managed Landlords) - £50. This will always be discussed upfront if it will apply.

RSW registration/renewal assistance

(non fully managed Landlords) - £50

Flat 4 cambria house

Fully Managed Property Service

£200 + 10% of monthly
rental income for the duration of the tenancy for 1st property.
£150 + 10% of monthly rental income for the duration of the tenancy for 2nd property.      £100 + 8% of monthly rental income for
the duration of the tenancy for 3rd property or more.

Pathway Lettings is currently NOT VAT registered

Payment can be made by Bank Transfer or Cash at our office.

For more information please speak to our team.

Landlord Client Charter

About this Charter of Expectations


This is a Client Charter of Expectations, which tells you what standard of service we aim to provide and clarify your part in that.


As part of our aim to continuously improve the services we provide, PCS have undertaken the assessment process under the Advice Quality Standard. By undertaking this we hope to demonstrate our commitment to providing excellent customer service and it will help us to measure the customer service we deliver and identify areas for improvement.


Pathway Lettings will work with you to make sure you receive the best possible assistance to manage your property so we can help people avoid becoming homeless and to access safe, affordable and secure housing.


In delivering our services we will:

Treat you in a professional, courteous and caring manner and provide everyone with the same quality and level of service based on need, regardless of gender, religious, cultural, or linguistic background, sexual orientation, age, disability or family status

Respect your personal privacy and protect your confidentiality, except where we have a legal obligation to provide your information

Communicate clearly and effectively with you in plain language

Aim to make our services as accessible as possible

Advise you at the outset of the service to be provided, so that you know what to expect

Deal with your personal information securely and in accordance with Data Protection legislation

Deal with enquiries efficiently and quickly, and swiftly put things right if they should go wrong


As a Landlord through Pathway Lettings, you have a responsibility to:

Be respectful of others, including staff, volunteers and other clients

Maintain confidentiality regarding information about other clients or participants in groups or programmes

Provide accurate information about yourself and your property in order to receive the best service.

Maintain your property to a suitable standard of living